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Creative Agency

We deliver creative and innovative solutions to our clients. We design & develop minimal ux web 2.0 websites / content managed websites / mobile & web applications / intranets and assist you by managing your projects & promoting them.

Startup Consulting

We are helping young entrepreneurs and fresh startups by providing advisory & consulting services in Business, Strategy, Growth Hacking, Product Development and Marketing domains.

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Hello, we're Tanuki Studio

We design and develop websites and web applications and are passionate about good design, Web Standards, usability and accessibility.

We're a multi-talented team who pay attention to the details and really care about the finished product.

It's time for your projects to take a leap ahead of the competition, check out here the list of Services we provide:
  • Web Design
  • Application & Websites Development
  • Project Management
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Audit & Consulting
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All-in-one Web Agency Creative Web Agency One-Stop Web Agency

We're the one-stop creative agency that you need!

Latest project: My-IP.co

My-IP is a free service to quickly get your Internet IP Address.

Do you need to know your IP address right now, to configure a server (ftp, http), connect to another computer on the network or allow other users to reach your computer through Internet? With My-IP.co, you don't need to type complex command lines to know your IP address, just visit the page and you it will shows your IP address.