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We deliver creative and innovative solutions to our clients. We design & develop minimal ux web 2.0 websites / content managed websites / mobile & web applications / intranets and assist you by managing your projects & promoting them.

Startup Consulting

We are helping young entrepreneurs and fresh startups by providing advisory & consulting services in Business, Strategy, Growth Hacking, Product Development and Marketing domains.

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Below are some of our most recent projects with relevant details.
Simply click one of the logos to learn more details about the projects and what we have built for this customer.

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My-IP is a free service to quickly get your Internet IP Address without the headaches of complex command lines tools!


Twittospheric is a project launched by Tanuki Studio to showcase the team's creativity and skills in terms of Web 2.0 simple but efficient design and use of advanced development languages to produce stunning effects.


Mio.tv is an online entertainment and communication services provider targeted at Latino and Latina featuring music videos, sports, fashion, entertainment, and community.

Tanuki Studio has developed for Mio.tv the full content management system (CMS) front-end & back-end to offer visitors a unique experience of video watching on Internet.


hey!Son Of a Bitch (hey!SOB) is a place where you can tell the story of what those f***ing bastards have made to make your life miserable, and other people can rate it and comment it.


At Tanuki Studio, we are very good at creating Internet Websites for take-away restaurants, such as Japanese (Sushi, Maki, Sashimi, Yakitori, etc.), Chinese (Noodles, Fried rice, etc.), Greek (Kebab) .. food places! Your customers can order & pay online before you deliver to them, or use the Website to find where your restaurant is located precisely and what are your menus!


Restaurant Gwadar is a pakistanese & indian food restaurant in Paris. Website fully designed & developed by Tanuki Studio.


Tanuki Studio has created several flyers & posters for clubbing events, see some of our selection on this page.

Portfolio under construction (we will add more references shortly)

Table of Contents

  1. My-IP
  2. Twittospheric
  3. Mio.tv
  4. hey!SOB
  5. Restaurant
  6. Flyers
  7. Restaurant Gwadar